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 - Cathrine, Therapy


Stephen is very professional, kind and patient. He helped me through a very dark time in my life and I am extremely grateful for his help.

- Mat, Therapy


Stephen taught me how to take negative situations in life and turn them into positive situations, with the use of several tools and techniques. 

- Stacey, Therapy


Therapy has helped me understand that things happen in life and that I shouldn't blame myself. It gave me the tools on how to help change the way I think about things and the way I see the future.

- Jenny, Therapy

CBT with stephen has not only helped me get my life on a better track, it's taught me how to handle emotional issues that comes along which has left me in a state of confidence and belief that I can handle things. I have found myself looking on the brighter side of things which has really helped.

- Gillian, therapy

Stephen is a fantastic therapist, he's really passionate about helping others. From day one Stephen was understanding, calming, empathetic and inspirational. Stephen was great at teaching me to work on my reactions , my anxiety triggers and to work on myself. The tasks he set me always helped and essentially helped me rebuild myself from being a broken girl to a stronger more self aware girl, 10 stars, would definitely recomend to others who I think would benefit from therapy as it is liberating.

- Kimberly, therapy

Before I started CBT I was having chronic chest pain every day that would last for hours, I was in and out of hospital and constantly on the phone to the GP. Unfortunately no medication helped with this and I was at the end of my tether. I'd had no idea how much stress, anxiety and old coping mechanisms affected me until I decided I was going to make changes. Now knowing there's a better way to approach chronic pain and mental health, it's improved my quality of life of life. since completing CBT I have had two episodes of pain that have lasted less than an hour and I will be forever grateful. my family too Have noticed a huge change, I am able to go about and do things I would normally be hindered by. I cannot thank Stephen enough for his patience and support, and also that if anything changes or I regress that support will always be there. Thank you 


-Scott, therapy


I contacted Stephen for help with my overactive mind causing me anxiety and stress. His calm and caring demeanour, from my first interactions and throughout our sessions was a great help in getting me to take in the techniques and coping mechanisms he suggested. Coping with and resolving conflict at work and in my personal life is so much easier using the techniques and analysis learned from our sessions. I have more confidence and more self-aware than I have ever been. My self work continues every day as I learn more about myself and others. I've read many self-help books in the past but my time with Stephen was undoubtedly more effective and fruitful. To say I am grateful to Stephen for helping me unburden myself and free myself of negative thoughts is an understatement.



-Carly, therapy


I got in touch with Stephen after experiencing a series of horrible events in a very short space of time. I've struggled with depression for the entirety of my adult life, which was amplified by these events, but the experiences I had gone through had also resurfaced severe anxiety and panic attacks which I had not dealt with since I was a teenager. Stephen is very patient and understanding, and was able to give me the tools I needed to process what had happened and allow me to recover. Not only do I feel that I have overcome a very difficult time in my life; I also feel well equipped to handle any situations that may arise in the future. I will be forever grateful to Stephen for helping me through this dark period in my life.



-Martin, therapy


Stephen's therapy work has helped me to manage the setbacks, stresses and challenges in my life more effectively. With his guidance and expertise, he has helped me to re-see life, to enjoy it again, and now really feel like I can stand on my own 2 feet better than before.



-Emma, therapy


Therapy has helped me understand the importance of paying attention to my emotions and helped me find my confidence. It has got me through a hard time and given me the tools for a positive mindset for the future! I cant thank Stephen enough, he was very patient, kind and professional throughout this journey.



-Kenny, therapy


I started seeing Stephen due to having some low self confidence and esteem.  Stephen took time to discuss my feelings/mood and over the sessions gave me the tools to understand them and how to cope better in everyday life.  After only a few sessions I saw a difference in my general mood and attitude towards situations that previously would have caused some anxiety.  I can’t thank him enough - my self confidence has grown and my outlook is much more positive and happy.



-Euan, therapy


“Stephen is an incredibly thoughtful and patient therapist who listens and questions without judgement, while building up your skills and resilience. I honestly can’t recommend him enough!

Jason, therapy

I came to see Stephen as I suffer from intrusive thoughts. Stephen has been a great help in helping me gain a better focus and obtain a more balanced life going forward. I can highly recommend Stephen as I have found him very easy to talk to and a great listener.  

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